Monday, September 23, 2013

orchards and other things

 Sundays are becoming a day to myself-- I don't have class Mondays so while all my friends spend their time in the library preparing for the next day's class, I take myself out. Yesterday it was to an apple orchard. I brought back ten pounds of apples soon to be made into two pies. I'm taking a student led class on nature journaling this semester, and tried to attempt some in the orchard but I had only brought a pink pen. The apples were so sweet and juicy, and while in the orchard you were allowed to eat as many as you liked and recycle the cores under the trees. I would sample each one (they had eight varieties)-- Jonagold wound up as my favorite.

 The breakfasts here are excellent: this was a blackberry banana and honeyed goat cheese crepe.

Driving home from taking my friends to Cracker Barrel for their first time, we spotted this building, which looked like an antique warehouse. It was, but abandoned, filled to the brim with broken and dusty merchandise, and covered in cobwebs. I wanted to explore the inside but was definitely too creeped out. eerie places and things

Each semester Oberlin offers an "art rental"-- students camp out over night and in the morning are allowed to borrow a framed piece of art for their dorm rooms for the semester. The work you can choose from include Picassos, Lichtenstein, etc... I meant to participate this semester but went home to get supplies for the all-nighter but my bed was way more convincing than the hard ground of the museum.

I've been here for a month and I can hardly believe it. I feel really at home.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm new to this

and not very good at it.
The past couple weeks have been very busy-- a two day trip to Maine, a couple in the capitol, several days back in Asheville, and the move to Oberlin. I've said "see you later" to many people, hello to many new friends, started new classes, ate loads of good food, and built a new room. It hasn't settled down yet-- a few days ago a friend of mine passed away, and this weekend makes for a long roadtrip down south for the service.

These are some pictures from these times. I will elaborate after I return back to Oberlin, once things settle down more, and once I have developed the loads of rolls of film that have been piling up.

 This was rose-pistachio icecream with an almond-fennel cookie in Philadelphia.

Portland, Maine; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Oberlin, Ohio