Saturday, November 30, 2013

giving thanks

I returned home for the holiday after a while away, I drove a boy and his bunny through snowy west virginia roads to our hometown. I baked a couple okay pies and my brother got guinea pigs. I made the only two vegan things at the meal: a berry pie and roasted brussel sprouts which i thought were the best part. on Wednesday I went to the movies with my best friend from high school and his family but only after making the best enchiladas I've ever had. I have put work at the back of my mind and crocheting christmas presents at the front. Today I drove down my favorite mountain roads to Floyd which I'll have pictures of later!

this is a quickly-written scrap out of my diary:
for thanksgiving i am thankful for every bit of this past year. asheville and oberlin and the chance for others: i have discovered what Real people are like (they are good and also bad but in varying ways), i have discovered what i am like. and what that means. and that i am not defective or that if i am it’s okay and i am worthy of friends and love and chances. i am thankful for my friends and love and chances. i am just happy. i am making things happen for myself. i was really sad for a very long time and now that i am doing things for meeee (obviously not anything i have done alone. i need so much support and i have it and that’s a blessing-- aaron and my family) that are helping me develop into a Real person aware of her place and what she can do for herself and others. when i say things they’re what i mean. when i do things they are what i want. that was always the case but i so rarely said or did anything (i felt like i couldn’t. i truly couldn’t.) i’m really really proud of that.

it has been a kind year and i have so much to be thankful for, truly

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The holiday season is my favorite because of surroundings and festivities. For Halloween I was a black hole (or maybe some gosh alien)--something I threw together way too last minute. The fall colors have been enchanting me the past few weeks and the crisp air is my favorite thing to fall asleep to so I sleep with my window wide open and under about forty blankets. I've started collecting gifts for Christmas. I've gotten seven new pairs of socks (socks are my favorite thing) and also made a new penal. 

I've also applied for a visa to New Zealand for the coming new year where I hope to stay and WWOOF for about two or three months. Mostly just hoping to by-pass winter completely.

Things have been going so well. I feel at home everywhere and with everyone. it is a kind feeling.