Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm new to this

and not very good at it.
The past couple weeks have been very busy-- a two day trip to Maine, a couple in the capitol, several days back in Asheville, and the move to Oberlin. I've said "see you later" to many people, hello to many new friends, started new classes, ate loads of good food, and built a new room. It hasn't settled down yet-- a few days ago a friend of mine passed away, and this weekend makes for a long roadtrip down south for the service.

These are some pictures from these times. I will elaborate after I return back to Oberlin, once things settle down more, and once I have developed the loads of rolls of film that have been piling up.

 This was rose-pistachio icecream with an almond-fennel cookie in Philadelphia.

Portland, Maine; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Oberlin, Ohio

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