Friday, October 18, 2013

i just gotta say

that my ultimate favorite kinds of fairy tales are the ones of lost islands and the maps that accompany them.

this one, which includes greenland and iceland and norway, also includes several other masses (“Frisland” and “Estotiland”) that Nicolo Zeno (creator of the map) claimed his ancestors had found and said they were part of the new world. 1558, but he said the map originated in 1400.

This one is my true favorite, hy-Brasil, which has appeared in many maps over time. it was said in Irish lore to be clouded in mist except one day every seven years when it would be clear to see but still unable to be reached. in 1694 John Nisbet claimed he stumbled across it and reported that the island was populated by black rabbits and one lone magician that lived in a stone castle on a hill that had cast a spell to keep the island from being found. imagine that. nowwwwww, there is a bank in the ocean near where it is on the map. which is so real and so perfect.

St. Brendan's shown as being west of the canaries, a group of monks said they held mass there which lasted for fifteen days but it was reported that they had actually been gone a year. described as a paradise where the sun doesn't set and fruit and flora were rich. appeared all throughout maps during Columbus's time and sights of it were recorded up until the 1770's.

there is also atlantis -- which is incredible too and probably even real also -- and others too but these are my favorites. things were just so beautiful and mystical and dreamy at a point. my favorite fairy tales.

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  1. I love things like this, it's so interesting that so many people believed so strongly in these things! Kinda reminds me of all the weird half people half animals that explorers reported seeing around those times, like dog-headed men in eastern europe or whatever. Thanks for sharing, an interesting read!