Saturday, November 30, 2013

giving thanks

I returned home for the holiday after a while away, I drove a boy and his bunny through snowy west virginia roads to our hometown. I baked a couple okay pies and my brother got guinea pigs. I made the only two vegan things at the meal: a berry pie and roasted brussel sprouts which i thought were the best part. on Wednesday I went to the movies with my best friend from high school and his family but only after making the best enchiladas I've ever had. I have put work at the back of my mind and crocheting christmas presents at the front. Today I drove down my favorite mountain roads to Floyd which I'll have pictures of later!

this is a quickly-written scrap out of my diary:
for thanksgiving i am thankful for every bit of this past year. asheville and oberlin and the chance for others: i have discovered what Real people are like (they are good and also bad but in varying ways), i have discovered what i am like. and what that means. and that i am not defective or that if i am it’s okay and i am worthy of friends and love and chances. i am thankful for my friends and love and chances. i am just happy. i am making things happen for myself. i was really sad for a very long time and now that i am doing things for meeee (obviously not anything i have done alone. i need so much support and i have it and that’s a blessing-- aaron and my family) that are helping me develop into a Real person aware of her place and what she can do for herself and others. when i say things they’re what i mean. when i do things they are what i want. that was always the case but i so rarely said or did anything (i felt like i couldn’t. i truly couldn’t.) i’m really really proud of that.

it has been a kind year and i have so much to be thankful for, truly

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